Project Reports

All Non-Government Organization’s require sufficient funds in order to successfully run a project. Project Reports are the backbone of every NGO in order to apply for Govt. as well as Private Funds. Project reports are written mostly at the beginning of the project, middle of the project and at the end of a specific project to keep the track of work done. Project reports can be monthly, quarterly and yearly. Proper details are the heart and soul of any effective project report i.e. dates, times, facts, and figures must be used to build credibility of the report. A high quality project report gives a better chance in getting good funds from Govt. organizations or Foreign Agencies. In order to create a good quality Project Report certain rules and format should be followed.

Documents required for preparing a Project Report are :-

  1. Registration Certificate, MOA (Memorandum of Association & Rules and Regulation of Society / Trust Deed
  2. Last 3 years Balance Sheet
  3. Last 3 Years Annual Report
  4. Pan Card of the NGO
  5. Bank Account Details
  6. 12A & 80G Registration Certificate (Income Tax Act, 1961)

We have a strong team of Project Writers for preparing Quality Project Reports for your NGO. Our team prepares various kinds of project reports after thoroughly going through the Mission, objectives and various other criteria’s of the proposed project by a Non-Government Organization. Our team not only helps in getting a quality project report but also assist in filing the Project report to the concerned ministry with standard procedure of submission. Our Tax Consultant team helps in preparing the Annual Balance Sheet (if not prepared by NGO) also which is to be submitted as a part of documents for preparing Project Report.

A Non Government Organisation can apply for funds to the following agencies:

  1. Government Agencies: If the NGO has completed 3 years then they are eligible to apply for funds from Govt. Agencies. In this case they can apply for bigger grants from various Govt. agencies. There is a separate ministry for NGO grants focused on particular scheme and objectives.
  2. Foreign Agencies: To be eligible for foreign funding a NGO should be registered under FCRA (Foreign Contribution Regulations Act). To get a permanent registration under FCRA NGO should be 3 years old. But still in case any foreign donor is interested to donate for a particular cause and the NGO has completed just 1 year then the NGO can apply for prior permission under FCRA to receive such donation. These kind of donations are specially for AIDS Control and Awareness, Women Empowerment, Eradication of Child Illiteracy, etc.
  3. CSR Funds: CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. As per Govt. rule of Central Board of Direct Taxes all Corporate Organisations, Multi-National Companies having annual turnover exceeding in crores are supposed to donate 2 % to NGO’s or other Social Welfare Organisations. Corporate Organisations prefer those NGO’s or Welfare Organisations who have 12A and 80G registration of Income Tax Act, 1961. In return the Corporate organization gets a a rebate of 50% from donated amount.

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